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We Do This for Allah (and Our Seventy-Two Virgins)

This was sent to me by a friend in the e-mail. It did not say who wrote it. The text is as I got it. I tried to reconstruct the line breaks as I think it goes. It kind of reminds me of something Dr. Seuss would write. At the end are Biblical passages.

We Do This for Allah (and Our Seventy-Two Virgins)

"I have the words of the Prophet!"
The sheikh began to talk,
Explaining to us the law,
Saying "In this way you must walk!
Be good believers,
And follow these rules,
And in heaven you will have women,
Great riches, fine jewels."
"Tell us of these heavenly women,"
We asked of the sheikh,
"Whose are they? And,
How many may we take?"
"Virgins all," he answered;
"To each seventy-two.
But only for believers!
Not for kuffar, Christian or Jew.
So live your life as a good Muslim,
And do not be discouraged.
Do this now for Allah
(And your seventy-two virgins)."

We did as the sheikh commanded,
And lived as the Prophet spoke.
"But more is required,"
Said the sheikh, and I quote:
"We must spread the word;
To the nonbelievers do go!
Speak the words of the Prophet,
That they, too, may know.
But if they should not believe you,
Do not be discouraged.
We do this for Allah
(And our seventy-two virgins)."

We spoke to the nonbelievers,
But the infidels did balk!
They would not hear our words;
In our ways they would not walk.
We told this to the sheikh,
Asking "What now must we do?"
"They will submit to the sword,
Those kuffar, Christians and Jews!
And if some should escape,
Do not be discouraged.
We do this for Allah
(And our seventy-two virgins)."

So off we went,
And many infidels did heed.
But the sheikh was not satisfied;
"Of more believers we have need!
Give them then these choices:
Convert, submit, or be killed!
And have ye no fear;
You do Allah's will.
But if the battle goes to them,
Do not be discouraged.
We do this for Allah
(And our seventy-two virgins)."

Many infidels submitted,
But others, oh how they fought!
We reported all to the sheikh,
Saying "We did as you taught!"
Enraged he yelled "Go ye now forth,
And the infidels do slay!
But spare ye their women!
With them ye may play....
But if they should smite you,
Do not be discouraged.
We do this for Allah
(And our seventy-two virgins)."

"But if to Islam they convert,
Themselves your brothers they do make.
Otherwise, slay them,
And what is theirs you may take!
All the world to Allah must come,
Other religions are hereby banned!
Those are the orders of the Prophet;
That is Allah's command!
Do as you have been told,
And do not be discouraged.
We do this for Allah
(And our seventy-two virgins)."

So off to battle we went;
The infidels we attacked!
But the infidels were strong,
Their armies pushed us back.
Many brothers did fall;
The nonbelievers did win.
Angered, the sheikh said:
"This is because you have sinned!
Be ye now more faithful,
And do not be discouraged.
We do this for Allah
(And our seventy-two virgins)."

Again we attacked them,
But our attack completely failed.
Our brothers were struck down;
The infidels prevailed.
To Allah they sent us
As happy as we could be.
Although we lost the battle,
Surely Allah will see
We did as Allah commanded;
We did not get discouraged.
We did this all for Allah
(And our seventy-two virgins).

Martyred holy warriors,
In heaven we proudly stood.
We lived as good Muslims;
We spread the word as we could.
In holy battle we died;
Great was our reward!
We looked for our virgins
As we were promised before.
We never turned back,
Nor were we discouraged.
We did this all for Allah
(And our seventy-two virgins).

But the virgins were not there
To us it was explained.
Instead we were shown more infidels;
We were told to not complain!
"The infidels martyred your brothers!
Go now and settle the score.
Do not worry about the virgins;
I shall bring more.
It matters not how the battle goes,
So do not be discouraged.
Do this now for Allah
(And your seventy-two virgins)."

So off again we went
Against the infidels to battle,
And there we saw something,
And our wits it did rattle!
There was our holy Prophet
Saying "It was all a great lie!
It was not the angel Gabriel!
I hearkened to the wrong guy!
He promised us women,
And taught us to hate!
I was deceived by his words;
Now it is too late.
There are no virgins here;
Only eternal war.
All that is before us,
Is to fight, and fight some more!"
"What did you expect?"
He was answered with a grin,
"That you rape virgins in Heaven,
And kill and plunder to get in?
Deception is all relative;
And now you are all mine!
So fight and fight some more!
This is how you will pass your time,
Here with me in eternity,
Being tormented in this flame,
Because hate is my motivation,
And torment is my game!"

At this point we cried mightily,
And became greatly discouraged.
We had done this all for Allah
(And our seventy-two virgins).
But we had been mocked and deceived;
Satan had played us for fools.
We learned to hate others
And here where we were, hatred is what rules.
We began to wonder,
"Can our Creator be this cruel?"
Even more loudly did we cry:
"God save us! We are fools!"

With these words things changed;
A great light we did see.
One like the Son of God appeared,
Saying "Listen carefully to Me.
I gave you commands,
But these have not been kept.
When innocents suffered,
You should have wept.
Instead you hated,
And to the depths you did fall.
But our Father is merciful and kind;
He truly loves you all.
So another chance you will have,
But you must do as you're now told.
Love one another;
For love is worth more than gold.
Much evil you have done,
And much misery you have made.
Don't worry about that;
Its price I long ago paid."

"Lies!" from behind us
Cried an angry voice.
And then the thought struck us:
We actually had a choice!
It got deathly quiet
As we all looked around;
And, slowly, one by one,
We dropped our swords to the ground.
Our holy Prophet stepped forward,
Saying to Satan "It is through.
A terrible mistake I made,
But I knew not it was you.
Now I see more clearly;
Now I understand the choice:
Those who preach hatred
Do not speak with God's voice."

Satan's anger burned,
As the Prophet spoke to us:
"Fight the infidels no more;
Love them you must."
And to Jesus he turned;
The Prophet's words I can't forget:
"My men wish to leave this place,
If you will permit.
A further request I have,
Take from this place the others.
An important lesson we have learned:
The infidels are our brothers."
Then to Satan the Prophet spoke:
"A lesson for you: set aside your hate!
Learn how to love.
It is never too late."

2 Samuel 14:14 (NKJV) "For we will surely die and become like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again. Yet God does not take away a life; but He devises means, so that His banished ones are not expelled from Him."

John 6:37 (NKJV) "All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out."


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Good one here...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
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News a Texan can use. The article is not detailed, but sources cited may be useful on border issues.

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