Thursday, February 15, 2007

Turning the Tables

Racism is wrong; sexism is wrong; and so on. I wish we all knew that, but too many people don't. Many folks are raised hating, and never know any better. Other folks know better, but get caught up in what's going on around them, and lose sight of what they once saw.

I've been reading about how some of the radicalized, extremist Islamic schools teach young folks. These schools are Wahhabist, a brand of Islam from Saudi Arabia. Thanks to monetary and other support from Saudi Arabia, they are now not only in Saudi Arabia, but in Pakistan, elsewhere throughout the Islamic world, and now even in the West, including right here in the US. They're teaching young people to hate. They teach people that Christian people are apes and that Jewish people are pigs. They teach young people that it is good to kill other folks just because those people believe differently from them. They teach these young people that it is good to die in the process.

It's not racism; it has nothing to do with how a person looks, or where that person's ancestors are from. Anyone can become a Christian or a Jew, or a Muslim for that matter. But, it is every bit as evil. It is every bit as wrong. God created us all, we are all His children, and He expects us to live like sisters and brothers. Sooner or later, we are all going to be in front of Him, explaining our conduct here on Earth. And there's no excuse for teaching young people who don't know any better to hate folks. It's going to be pretty hard to explain to our Creator.

Mohammed told his followers that paradise was in the shade of swords. No wonder. If you think like all that, if you hate folks, if you teach others to hate, if you teach others to kill and to die while killing, then where you are going, you will have to fight for all eternity, because that is what you preach, that is what you cause, and so, that is what you deserve. Maybe it will be paradise for you to fight and kill and hate forever. Then again, maybe it'll grow old after a while.

I love my country. God bless America! I love my state. God bless the Great State of Texas!

America is far from perfect. We had terrible racism in this country. People from Africa were treated as less than human, they were considered property. They were bought and sold, they were forced to work. They were mistreated, raped, abused, killed. Back in the day, this was legal right here in Texas.

Slavery was finally outlawed here, thank God! But, the aftereffects continued for many decades. Even as late as the 1960's, there were many places where black folks were treated much worse than white folks, just because of the color of their skin. Finally, there was political action so their rights could be exercised.

The situation for women was in many ways similar. For a long time ladies couldn't even vote. It took years of political organizing and struggling to change that.

These are not all the problems we've had, just some of the better-known problems. These problems have not been completely solved. In many ways, they are still with us today.

However, some of the political movements that got started to change these situations and solve these problems became radicalized. They lost sight of the goal of "liberty and justice for all", and came to seek merely to turn the tables. Radicalized feminist and "black power" movements came about, which seek to discriminate against males, or against non-blacks. These movements lost their way, got hijacked, and, instead of the solution, became part of the problem.

This is important to recall as we defend ourselves and our culture against what I can only describe as violent conquest. Tyrrany is coming at us dressed up like freedom of religion. Incitement to terrorism is coming at us dressed up as freedom of speech. We have to be careful that we keep our eyes on our goal of "liberty and justice for all". We can't get caught up in what's going on and lose sight of the goal. If we go too far, and try to turn the tables on our enemies, we may find out that we ourselves become enemies, and destroy the very things we are trying to protect.

Think about these words, please:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


Drake's Drum said...

Take care, let me know if you get the message as my PC is playing games. Drake's Drum.

urban11 said...

islam is islam, plain and simple, none of it is peaceful, read the koran. It is a sick cult that has no place in civilised society.

Highest Infidelity said...

Drake's Drum: Thanks for the links. I'm passing them on to my friends.

Here's another link about crime in America. The incidents may seem random, but they actually fit a pattern of decentralized execution of a centralized ideology -- Islam.

Salt Lake Jihad?

Urban11: I'm not at all disagreeing with you.

But, there are Muslims who don't agree with the hatred, there are Muslims who don't even know what their Islamic texts say.

That was Wahhab's whole point in bringing them back to that "olde-tyme religion" -- get serious about killing infidels or die yourselves seemed to be his message.

But, we don't want to lose people like this: Our mosques are importing jihad

It's gotta be frustrating for y'all, seeing so few people like that young lady, and so many of these thugs. And the bad guys are just incredibly violent and evil. And then it people don't know what's going on, don't care, or are trying to cover it up.

We want to defeat these Islamonazis, but we want to make sure we never become like them. That's my point.

Take care, partners. We're getting the word out.

Yankee Doodle said...

H. I.: Good post.

Drake's Drum: Interesting links.

Urban 11: Agreed. There are movements to reform and liberalize Islam, but it seems like it's quite an uphill battle. And, the Wahhabis are taking it in exactly the opposite direction; and, they are the ones who have Saudi Petrodollars behind them. Lots of luck to the reformers!

H. I.: I did a post directly related to that article: Friends in the Muslim Community.

By the way, I've been in touch with Gina Khan. She says she's getting a great deal of support. I'm so happy about that. Let's keep her and other decent folks in the Muslim world in our prayers. I feel particularly bad for the people, especially the women, trapped in those hell-holes in the Middle East, or even women here in the West, imprisoned in their own homes by their male overlords.

The radical feminists used to talk like that about the West, and it wasn't really true. It is true about the Islamic world, but the Feminazis are conspicuously silent.