Monday, February 26, 2007

Must Read: Nuke Strike on US?

I haven't been blogging alot lately, because things have been busy. In what little free time I've had, I've been researching issues connecting Al Qaeda to infiltration along America's southern border. I'm not ready to write yet on what I'm finding out, I still have more research to do. Meanwhile, Yankee Doodle over at Stop Islamic Conquest has an article that is related.

That dang Yankee ;) found some information that Al Qaeda may already have nuclear weapons, and may smuggled them across the border from Mexico into the US. So far, I can't prove YD wrong. I wish I could!

Please read YD's article. If you have any good leads or links about Al Qaeda and our southern border please leave them here in comments.

Meanwhile, thanks for visiting and thanks for patience with me for not posting. Writing a researced article ain't easy. I haven't done nothing like it in a long time. I'm probably going to have to stop using "ain't" so much.


2/27, early AM:
Yankee Doodle posted this at some point yesterday:

House of the Rising Sun

The post itself is short but it has alot of links to back it up. I was up a good chunk of the night reading them.

This is scary.


Beach Girl said...

Tried to leave comment. Your blog would not take it - see my reply at my site. Thank you.

Beach Girl said...

How about "America dismantled by the lilliputians of the ACLU, the Congress and the Senate, and unfair trade agreementsof admnistration and let's not foregt the hand of the Supreme Court when they made owning land meaningless" - America dismantled

LionHeart said...

Highest infidelity:

just wanted to drop by and check out your blog and let you know i appreciate your comments on my blog. i always get them as they come straight through to my phone.

Ive been working off my phone for the last month and have only just had any real time on the computer.

God bless