Monday, February 12, 2007

There Ain't Gonna Be No Debate!

And ladies and gentlemen, that's the first point I want to get across to y'all!

You think this is about religion, but it's not. It's about freedom.

Read your history books, do some research. These people are gonna take away your freedom.

Some of you want charter schools, or home schooling, others want more money in the public schools. Guess what! If these radicals take over, your kids are gonna be in those Islamic schools like what they got in Pakistan, and they're gonna be learning how to hate folks. They ain't gonna be debating this with y'all.

Some of you are screaming for universal healthcare, others just want a tax cut. All of y'all need to be one the same side, because if these radical Muslims take over, there ain't gonna be no debate!

I hate abortion. Abortion is murder of an unborn child. But, I try to convince you peacefully, because I want you to learn that you're hurting your child, and yourself. But if these radical jihadis take over, they ain't gonna be telling but once, and if you don't toe the line, they'll abort you! They don't care that you're 20, 30, 40 years old! They'll abort you on the spot, and there ain't gonna be no debate about it!

They're cutting off heads of folks in Saudi Arabia, they're stoning folks in Iran, Turkey, and Pakistan. They're beating their lady-folks, and there's no debate about it over there. They abuse their wives here in the West, and they're trying to change the laws and impose their own, called Sharia.

Sharia is Islamic law, and it says you can beat your wives ALL FOUR OF THEM, stone them for adultery, stone them if they say they've been raped. There's honor killings of people's daughters for having a boyfriend, not having sex, just talking to him. And that's what they are trying to bring over here.

You're worried about the environment, gun control, whatever. Once these folks are in charge, your gonna do what the mullah says, and that's it. Some mullah reads his Islamic texts, and he makes the decision. You don't like it, they whoop ya, or worse, and there ain't gonna be no debate about it.

You're tired of religion? You want to be atheist or agnostic? The wahhabis will kill you, and that's it. It's not about religion; it's about freedom! Freedom to be Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or whatever; freedom to be religious or not! Freedom to be gay or straight or bi; freedom to be pollute or "go green". Freedom to carry a gun, or freedom to work for gun control.

Folks, this ain't rocket science. We all need to agree on this, and we all need to speak out now, because if these folks take over, THERE AIN'T GONNA BE NO MORE DEBATES!


LionHeart said...

Excellent article High Fidelity, you have the point down to a T. There is absolutely no negotiation with Muslims and people need to realise this fact.

thanks for your comments on my blog and i am glad to hear us Brit's and Texan's think the same and are standing together in the days that lay ahead.

Stay in touch.

God bless


Highest Infidelity said...

Thanks, partner!

Highest Infidelity said...

By the way: that's "Highest Infidelity".

To my friends, I'll try to be High Fidelity.

By "Highest Infidelity", I want them radical Muslims to know what they'll be facing at some point. And it's not just me. Texas is a big state, and they're gonna have big problems when they get here and try to take over.