Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Parade Blog Review

Here's a list of blogs I like (not in any particular order):

Angel's Woman Honor Thyself is fun. Angel has a funny way of presenting information dealing with this Islamic onslaught we are facing. Her posts are humorous and informative. This weekend she has a few comments about Iranian President Adminijihad and the situation over there: Easter Gift OpenTrackback Weekend.

Point of No Return is a well researched blog about how Jews are treated in the Middle East. Basically they're being driven out of most of the countries there.

The Arabs and Muslims are winning the propaganda war first by creating and maintaining a "Palestinian refugee issue" then by making noise about it all the time. They're trying to paint the Israelis as the Nazis of today. People lose sight of the fact that the whole situation was created by the Arab nations insistence on attacking Israel many times since Israel was founded and by refusing to help the Palestinians do anything except launch terror attacks on Israel.

People also have no clue about how badly Jews are being treated at the hands of the Muslim Arab (and Muslim non-Arab) world. Point of No Return reminds us of that, the Arab/Muslim propaganda war and the made-in-Arabia Palestinian issue you have to research for yourself.

Flanders Fields is pretty good although he seems to be busy and isn't posting quite as much for a while.

There are other good blogs -- I'll get to y'all, hold your horse.


The Green Arrow said...

Highest, You might like to look at Green Arrow and read how the bloody Spanish are betraying us. The bloody fools. They have learnt nothing from history.

By the way - I hope you do not mind but I have linked you a a member of the resistance.

Highest Infidelity said...

Thank you, Mr. Arrow! I'm honored!

I just read you're blog I saw something about Spain giving back everything they won with the reconquista did I miss something? I'll go check again!

10 men said...

Hi Highest,

Thanks for your comments at my site and the link. I will do the same 1-2 days. I'm a frustrated writer myself and lack a bit of confidence, so I stick to the odd comment or two. One day I will be brave and do a post all on my own.

Happy Easter everyone.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Thanks hun for the kind words and linkage!..always 'preciated! :)

Bradley Copper said...

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