Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yankee Doodle Takes Another Look at 9/11

I stopped in at Stop Islamic Conquest the other day. The post on top was The Killing, Ver 1.0 (Jihad Me). I read it and wasn't sure what Doodlebug was up to. Y.D. has many humorous posts but when I read them and think about them there usually seems to be some element of truth under the humor. This particular post though is nothing to laugh it. While written as something that would be just hilarious it's too close to the truth. It's unsettling.

I got to thinking about that and about how close to the truth it seemed to be.

Seeing the title of the post was the same as one of the labels I clicked on the label Stop Islamic Conquest: The Killing and started reading. I think I see what Yandee Doodle is doing here.

First, in a post called 9/11 at WTC: Somebody Made a Killing, Y.D. quotes a source (one that seems credible) pointing out how a whole lot of money was made in trading stock during the 9/11 attacks (that is 9/11 give or take a few days). It's wierd how some of the trades made before 9/11 made money because they anticipated the impact on the stock market that 9/11 would have, not just on the airline industry but on the businesses that were in the WTC.

This post here Gag Me is about a former FBI employee named Sibel Edmonds. This woman was hired on to the FBI right after 9/11 because of her language abilities. As she was translating documents she saw evidence that the government had collected regarding terrorist operations. The evidence that she's concerned about did not come from counterterrorist investigations but from criminal and drug investigations. She says there's a lot of money involved in terrorism, that it involved money laundering for drug money, and that it goes beyond the terrorists.

The way I see it is like this: Ordinary mobsters pay off government officials to help them out. We know that happens it always has. It's not necessarily the guy on top that is on their payroll. In fact the guy on top is not the one they want because he's under too much scrutiny. It's the guys down the chain of command that they need. Some working guy, a mid-level manager, is the one to have. You can bribe this guy for less money. I don't know what these guys make in the government let's say $35,000 or $40,000 a year. $100,000 is a lot of money to a guy like that and for a million bucks you can have ten of them. They don't have to actually help move drugs or anything all they need to do is goof something up at a key moment: ensure a document gets mistranslated, pull a good investigator of a certain case and replace him with an idiot, leave a report on a key part of an investigation in his inbox for too long, stuff like that. For a million bucks I bet it wouldn't be too hard to find ten guys in the government who would be happy to do that for you. And that's on top of the hundreds of idiots that I bet you could find who are already doing that out of incompetence not because somebody's paying them!

Anyway this deliberate incompetence seems to be the kind of stuff Sibel Edmonds has witnessed. Somebody is moving a lot of drug money that is connected to 9/11 and terrorists, and somebody in the FBI was looking the other way about it, and that may have helped 9/11 to occur.

Then in two posts Yankee Doodle talks about all the money in terrorism and how alot of that is drug money (I sure was surprised about that!): Jihad, Inc. Part I and Jihad, Inc. Part II.

Here's where it gets interesting.

There's alot of conspiracy kooks out there that are intelligent and imaginative but at the same time they're pretty stupid. Doodle ain't one of them; Doodle is smart and credible.

Doodle quotes the chief engineer on the project to build the World Trade Center as well as the one-site construction manager as saying that the building was overengineered to withstand an airliner crash like what happened in 9/11. Doodle's quote comes from an article in the mainstream media. Both these guys say there is no way an airline crashing into it could bring it down. Yet this is exactly what the government is trying to tell us was going on. (More of that government-incompetence-for-a-fee?) It's scary how Doodle's post ends by quoting the end of this source article as saying that the chief engineer said the building could be brought down by explosives. Something Heavy Going Down Part I

In another post Doodle quotes transcripts of interviews with firefighters and emergency workers who responded on 9/11. These are quotes from experienced firefighters, a couple of these guys are battalion chiefs, one lady is a captain, and so on, these are not novices! They comment on how the towers looked like they were deliberately imploded with explosives (like this engineer had said would need to happen to bring them down): Something Heavy Going Down Part II

It's weird how the first article with the engineer and the construction manager from a source written right after the WTC bombing in 1993 points out that one simple bomb couldn't do it, and neither could an airliner! In 1993 however they talk about how a planned implosion with explosives could do it. And then in 2001 we have an airliner crash into each of the towers, and magically they both collapse just like was said could never happen! This despite eyewitness accounts of experienced high-ranking firefighters who say it looked like an implosion with explosives.

This is what Doodle puts together in his little - I don't know what to call it, it's a post: The Killing, Ver 1.0 (Jihad Me). It seems like the 9/11 operation was a long time in planning after the 1993 attack not just to make sure it worked but to launder some money doing stock trades under the cover of the terrorist attacks, and even make money as a result of them!

It looks to me credible and researched based on authoritative sources.

Doodle was blogging pretty much every day on average more than one post per day, sometimes three or more. Some of those posts were long too! Since that last post where Y.D. put those things together he hasn't been blogging in over a week.

You tell me what's going on.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Busy Few Weeks

Just a quick update!

I planned to be more active when I started blogging. But I found out right away that I wasn't smart enough about computers, that my writing skills are lacking, that there's a time issue....

As I've been learning about all these issues related to Islamic terrorism, each question I ask leads me down a trail of answers that just bring up more questions. For example I had no idea that Islamic terrorism was connected to our border security issue (now it seems kinda obvious). There are reports that many of the people sneaking across our border from Mexico these days are from Islamic countries. I already mentioned other reports I found about how corrupt Mexican Army units are escorting drugs into US territory. Anyway it just goes on and on.

These past few weeks in addition to the rest I been working on my taxes.

(I still ain't done. Bush you had six years with a Republican Congress that you could have cleaned this tax mess up, and you didn't do it. Domestic policy was supposed to be a highlight of your administration, you were talking about it in 2000. You screwed up.)

I've also been learning about computers. HTML stands for hypertext markup language and HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol. I might just qualify myself for a sit-down job, the way I been going.

And, I been researching all this terrorism and all these different topics that are related. It just doesn't stop.

Oh, and my kids and I been studying English and working on their homework together. I still got alot of room for improvement (so do they!) but it's been kinda fun.

Anyway thanks for hanging with me. Those of you who linked to me in my absence, thanks, and please leave a comment and your web address so I can link to you if I haven't already.

Y'all be good!

Terrorists in Prison

As I've been out researching alot of different topics these past few weeks, and each answer seems to bring up a dozen new questions, I found this.

"America's Extremists: Discovering Who Is Being Held Behind Bars"

I'm just going to put some quotes from the article here without comment:

Part of the information he shared with the audience came from a terrorism training manual found in the apartment of a suspected Al Queda member in Manchester, England in May of 2000. In it is information that directly addresses how to behave when being held in prison. For example, the manual tells them that when they come into the United States correctional system, to shave their beards off, photograph without it, and then grow it again afterward. This way, if they are going to plan their escape or get out, they can use the beard as part of their disguise.


Furthermore, the manual instructs that when being taken to court or when leaving the institution, to complain of mistreatment in the prison. In court, terrorist members should make allegations to the judge about the beatings they have suffered at the hands of correctional officers, torturing themselves if needed to present the adequate evidence.

'This is to show proof to a judge to get them to minimize the mandate of how they are being housed,' says Beckwith. 'It even says if you have questions as to who to accuse, ask brothers who were at that facility prior to you - they will share that information because they want those allegations to go against the same people in each area.'

Besides these allegations, Beckwith warns that staff should beware of attacks from these individuals as well. The manual has detailed outlines of how to carry out assassinations with different weapons and where on the body to strike.

A link to the methods given in the manual can be seen in the attack on a federal officer in November of 2000. At the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City, correctional officer Louis Pepe was stabbed in the eye with a homemade weapon made by Mamdouh Mahmud Salim, who was being held on the highest security floor. While the attack did not kill officer Pepe, it did leave him with severe vision loss and brain damage.

Not only should staff fear being attacked, but also being manipulated. The manual calls for 'brothers [to] pay attention to each other's needs and should help each other and unite vis a vis the prison officers.' While there is a different interpretation as to what this means, says Beckwith, he believes it is an indication that they want to target people who will aid them in their communication with correctional staff.

'We know for a fact that prison gang members have tried it and they've been successful for years and years,' he says. 'We have to be prepared to protect our staff. In many cases, when we are dealing with these international terrorists, a lot of prisons have put into place [policy] that no one can talk to these people with a rank lower than lieutenant - because with the rank of lieutenant, you have the training and background to understand what's actually happening.'

The Value of Communication

According to Beckwith, during numerous interviews with different gang members, he found that the only way to control a gang or any other criminal, is by cutting off their communication. In fact, he says, sometimes the public has misperceptions about how much inmates are able to communicate behind bars.

'There are a lot of people in the community who think we can [just cut off their communication] while they are in prison,' says Beckwith. 'They envision that if [these individuals] are locked up in these cells, that they don't get telephone calls, they don't get mail, and that they are not able to write [a letter to the outside]. They envision these things from us inside corrections, but any one of us that works in corrections knows that's not a reality.'

In fact, it often takes a court order to get this done. An example of this is Louis Fillipe, also known as King Blood, who was notorious for ordering gang activity behind bars, including the dismemberment of a rival gang member. A judge stepped in and ordered Fillipe to solitary confinement with no communication accept that approved by the court.

[. . .]

'Do we have the capability to monitor these people and understand what they are saying, even when they are speaking another language?' said Beckwith. 'Do we have any staff that are trained? Do we have enough staff that are trained? The FBOP right now is looking at that very closely. Do we have enough Arabic-speaking people to monitor the 65 international terrorists within our custody right now? For every piece of mail or for every telephone call they make, do we have the staff [to understand what is being said], and if they do, can they read between the lines of the language?'

From using hidden messages on the Internet to code words, these groups will find a way to communicate, he says. Intelligence gathered by the United States Army, broke a code among telephone calls between an Italian-based Islamic group allegedly tied to Osama bin Laden and a London Muslim cleric where everyday words were being used to mean much more. Reference to 'turkey' or 'chicken' really meant a 'bomb', the prison was the 'town hall,' 'getting married ' was a way to talk about an escape and 'opening a shop or restaurant' really meant committing a terrorist act.

These groups will not only stop at verbal codes, but also trying to use written code in what seem to be normal correspondence. While writing one letter in normal ink, between the lines or elsewhere on the page will be code written in citric acid or urine, put to the paper by a toothpick or other devise. Beckwith advises correctional staff to look for the context of the letter to talk about 'hot' things -a barbecue or a lamp - instructing the reader to add heat to the letter to see the hidden writing.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bush and the Border

I haven't had much time for blogging lately. This is the first time I been logged in for a couple of weeks.

I do get on the internet but I aint' had time blog. When I'm on I'm reading and studying, doing searches on the internet, and what not.

Most of the time though I'm working trying to make ends meet and when I'm not doing that I'm trying to figure out how the hell to do my taxes. It's that time of year.

So as I'm learning about all the problems in the world and with a focus on the border issue and pissed off that after working all day I gotta mess with my tax return and I check Yahoo News and see this article.

Bush to push for immigration legislation

When I read this I saw red so I'll put it in red for you:

Bush said that immigration is "an issue that people use to inflame passions" and that "there are strong protectionist sentiments in the United States."

"I will work, Mr. President, to reject those protectionist sentiments," Bush said.

One of the things I keep hearing about is the Mexican military that keep coming across the border here in Texas. They're supposed to be stopping the drug runners from coming across but instead they're getting paid money to escort the drugs into US territory.

So there are our police and border patrol and all out there trying to stop drugs from coming into the US but they're outgunned because the drugs are being escorted by Mexican military units. Our guys are outgunned! Cops against drug runners and the Mexican Army! And we're paying for the Mexican Army to be there with our foreign aid.

I'm some kind of pissed off!

Meanwhile our dumbass president is visiting with the Mexican president, and this is the best he can say?

Bush said that immigration is "an issue that people use to inflame passions" and that "there are strong protectionist sentiments in the United States."

"I will work, Mr. President, to reject those protectionist sentiments," Bush said.

Mr. President get your sorry ass out of the White House and make room for a real Texas Republican!

It's a good thing I exercise alot. I don't know what my blood pressure would be like if I didn't.

March 17 Update: Senor Bush Tells You 'To Get Used To It'

Happy St. Patrick's Day to El Presidente!

Hat Tip to:

Pedestrian Infidel for a quality post,


Yankee Doodle of Stop Islamic Conquest for pointing it out!

By the way -- you notice how the red that Bush has me seeing plus the green for St. Patrick's day on the white background makes this post the same color as the Mexican flag? :)

Friday, March 2, 2007

Vocabulary for Politics

In order to more effectively communicate within the blogosphere regarding the activities and effectiveness of our political leadership please use the following standardized vocabulary:

SNAFU: Situation Normal All Fouled Up

FUMTU: Fouled Up More Than Usual

TARFU: Things Are Really Fouled Up

FUBAR: Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition