Sunday, April 8, 2007

Fun at Gummihund

Happy Easter, everyone!

I was just out looking around. I found this post at Gummihund: When I was a Boy Part Three. I'm copying it here. Any comments about it please make them over at Gummihund as well and let Pela know what a great job he's doing.

When I was a boy- part three- Redux

When I did my obligatory military service in the Arctic Rangers, we very seldom slept in our baracks over at the regiment. 90% of the time we were out in the fields (that meaning the arctic tundra of Sweden). There we bunked in heavy canavas tents with a wooden heated stove to keap us from freezing to death. I know, in this day and age, burning wood in a stove is not the smartest thing to do; but this was a while ago after all.

The eight- man patrol tents we were issued with managed to keep us from freezing to death in the arctic temperatures, ranging down to -54 centigrades, but had a serious shortcoming. They were designed for people with a lenght under 170 cm. Me being 186 cm in lenght had to lay in "fosterposition" to fit in there, and even doing so I burned up thre sleepingbags against the red hot stove during my service.

When doing fieltrips back then, food was hard currency. You never could get enough calories to burn against the harsh wether conditions. And because our backpacks allready weighed in at up to 70 kilos (with radios and extra ack´s), a can of food was more valuable than even tobacco or the latest issue of Playboy. The only thing more valuable than food was sleeptime.

After being out on an 21 day long excercice I had traded a lot of sleeptime against food rations. This in an outfit that aimes at giving it´s soldiers three hours of sleep for every 24 hours! The lack of sleep- but more importantly- the constant dehydration you are being under, after a day or so get´s you to what we call "field coma".

After 21 days of sleepdepravation and to little fluid to drink; I was- well kind of beaten up, so to speak.

Anyway, we got back to the regiment (the base). Did the maintenace of all our equipment, and around 11:30 PM was ready to hit the bunks.

For some reason our platoon commander (I do not remember what it was) ordered a full locker inspection at that time (yeah- he was a sadistic a-hole). A full locker inspection means that everyone has to bring out all their gear out in to the corridore, place it in exact order on the floor and damn you if something was not folded or placed to millimeter preciseness.

Then you have to put all the stuff back in the lockers with millimeter precision again for the morning inspection. Needless to say- this was not... something we wanted to do there and then.

I started to think over the exact orders we had been given. He had shouted to us that he wanted "TO SEE ALL OF OUR LOCKERS OUT IN THE CORRIDORE IN FIVE MINUTES!"

Hmm, I thought. Why not then. So I made an arragenment with my mates; and the whole platoon dragged out their lockers out in to the corridore and then waited for inspection.

When the PC finally made his entry through the swinging doors, he took a step in and then froze almost in the position of a pointig dog. We were all standing in attention, expressionless faces, staring straight ahead.

Ten seconds went by. Then the PC turned on his heels and went out. Even through two closed doors we could here the hysterical laughter from his office. We had to send our platoon sergeant out to se if we were to be released for the night. When he returned, he told us that he had found our PC laying under his desk giggeling. Five minutes later I was firmly asleep.

Good night everybody. Sleep well!

That's just hilarious. Pela's stories about his service in the Swedish Army are just as funny as they can be.

While you're over there, he's got a post about an article regarding events in Swedish politics. It definitely gives us some cause for hope. Maybe the counterrevolution is finally beginning. And don't kid yourselves the counterrevolution and surviving jihad are intimately related: Jobless migrants and women boxers rock the cradle of the nanny state.

While you're out and about today check out this blog I found the other day: Fortress Australia Outpost. So far looks pretty good.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Parade Blog Review

Here's a list of blogs I like (not in any particular order):

Angel's Woman Honor Thyself is fun. Angel has a funny way of presenting information dealing with this Islamic onslaught we are facing. Her posts are humorous and informative. This weekend she has a few comments about Iranian President Adminijihad and the situation over there: Easter Gift OpenTrackback Weekend.

Point of No Return is a well researched blog about how Jews are treated in the Middle East. Basically they're being driven out of most of the countries there.

The Arabs and Muslims are winning the propaganda war first by creating and maintaining a "Palestinian refugee issue" then by making noise about it all the time. They're trying to paint the Israelis as the Nazis of today. People lose sight of the fact that the whole situation was created by the Arab nations insistence on attacking Israel many times since Israel was founded and by refusing to help the Palestinians do anything except launch terror attacks on Israel.

People also have no clue about how badly Jews are being treated at the hands of the Muslim Arab (and Muslim non-Arab) world. Point of No Return reminds us of that, the Arab/Muslim propaganda war and the made-in-Arabia Palestinian issue you have to research for yourself.

Flanders Fields is pretty good although he seems to be busy and isn't posting quite as much for a while.

There are other good blogs -- I'll get to y'all, hold your horse.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


I was looking into this WTC-7 story. I found something called "WTC-7: The Improbable Collapse" at this address: It says:

Sherlock Holmes once remarks how odd it is that a guard dog did not bark at a midnight intruder. Similarly, it is curious how few people bothered to photograph a building about to totally collapse when destruction of an inconceivable scale had been released just hours before (only 200' away). Apparently, the WTC-7 fires were not photogenic. Indeed, when viewing the extant documentation there are only small fires that are localized within the offices of the Securites Exchange Commission (SEC). Ironically, never before 9/11/01 in history has a steel building even partially collapsed from a fire. Neither has any since.

They're saying there were fires in the SEC. I haven't found anything else talking about that. Were there more fires? There had to be. Does any other source mention fires specifically in the SEC? I can't find anything just yet.

It's peculiar though that the SEC would have fires in it. That would help destroy any paperwork associated with any ongoing investigations. It would probably also cause problems for any new investigations. Somebody wanted to be sure the SEC's files got destroyed and couldn't be recovered from the rubble. And they had several hours from the time the building was evacuated until it collapsed to make sure that happened.

Then there's a story called "On 9/11 a THIRD Skyscraper Plunged to Earth: The Sudden Implosion of WTC Building 7" at this address It says

FACT 5: On September 16th, NASA flew an airplane over the World Trade Center site, recorded infrared radiation coming from the ground, and created a thermal map. The U.S. Geological Survey analyzed this data, and determined the actual temperature of the rubble. This map shows that five days after the collapse of Building 7, the surface temperature of a section of its rubble was 1,341° F. 8 This high a temperature is indicative of the use of explosives.

“WTC 7’s rubble pile continued to smolder for months.”9

So I looked into that and found this "Images of the World Trade Center Site Show Thermal Hot Spots on September 16 and 23, 2001." by the US Geological Survey at

Initial analysis of these data revealed a number of thermal hot spots on September 16 in the region where the buildings collapsed 5 days earlier. Analysis of the data indicates temperatures greater than 800°F.

Five days after the collapse this was still at 800 degrees F. That's pretty hot. Remember now the fire had to be hot enough to melt or at least weaken alot of steel. That means fires throughout all three buildings that collapsed hot enough to generate many hundreds of degrees Fahrenheit and maintain it for quite a while. Well the twin towers collapsed too fast for that to happen but that's another story. WTC 7 was burning long enough so maybe this could happen. But what was burning in WTC 7? The official story talks about how diesel fuel in tanks towards the bottom of the building, fuel that was there to power emergency generators, burned. Of course, all the fire extinguishing and prevention systems failed that day too, what a coincidence. And the rubble was cleaned up really fast with no investigation of the evidece from the worst terrorist attack in human history, how convenient for somebody.

It seems to me though that diesel fuel doesn't burn that hot. So I looked that up on the internet, too.

There's a page called Ignition Temperature of Diesel Fuel at It says:

"Flammable properties: Flash point (PMCC): 100-125 F(37.8-51.5 C) OSHA Flammability Class: Combustible Class II Liquid LEL (vol%): ~0.6 UEL (vol%): ~4.7 Autoignition temperature: ~257°C (~494°F)"

"7. Fuel oil no.2 (home heating fuel, diesel fuel), Chemical formula is a carbon range of C9 - C23; flash point 126°F - 204°F (52°C - 96°C); ignition temperature 494 F (257°C)"

So this stuff burns around 500 degrees F? That's the self-ignition temperature.

Excerpts from The Pocket Guide to Accelerant Evidence Collection Appendix II: Twenty Common Ignitable Liquids used as Fire Accelerants (

7. Fuel oil no. 2 (home heating fuel, diesel fuel), Chemical formula is a carbon range of C9 - C23, flash point 126 degrees F-204 degrees F (52 degrees C- 96 degrees C); ignition temperature 494F (257C);

How did this diesel fuel burn so hot that five days later NASA and the US Geological Survey measured the temperature at the site at 800° F?

The conspiracy kooks say the government was in on it. I certainly don't buy that. But, I do believe in corruption and bribery. Some people in key positions in government were paid to mismanage the investigation or look the other way. Plus, some government officials are just plain incompetent. If the government were in on it from high enough up, NASA and the USGS wouldn't be reporting this.

The terrorists are in this up to their eyeballs. But they had help from somebody in the business world who stood to make big money on 9/11. And that group hired some of the very best building demolition people in the world to rig those three buildings for implosion so as to avoid damage to their other interests nearby. And people in that group paid off mid-level managers in the FBI and elsewhere (some politicians, some people on politicians' staffs, key people on the 9/11 Commission) to drop the ball at convenient points in the game so the plan wouldn't be discovered before they could pull it off and wouldn't be investigated too thoroughly after the fact.

See Yankee Doodle's post The Importance of WTC 7 at his new blog.

Investigation with Punctuation


First the punctuation part.

I was encouraging my kids to do better in school. They say I was griping at them. If you have kids, or if you've been a kid, you understand I hope.

Anyway I was telling them to do better in school. Their mom agreed and said that they need to work a little harder.

Then the kids pointed out the posts at my blog. They said I needed to study too. I asked them what they meant. They told me that I don't punctuate my sentences right. They said I especially need to learn to use commas. So, their mom came over and looked at my blog then she looked through their English textbooks. Then she declared that the kids were right and gave me an earfull about setting a good example and writing better.

So, I'm trying to punctuate better. (They all agreed my spelling wasn't bad.)

Now the investigation part.

Some of these goofballs out there have these crackpot conspiracy theories. First they decide something stupid, like space aliens conspired with Israeli intelligence to start a war between the US and Iraq or something. Then they find evidence to support that, inventing it if necessary, and they disregard any evidence that doesn't fit their theory. Some of it is fun to read. The official government story about what happened on 9/11 fits into that category (it doesn't even talk about WTC 7, for example), except that it is not fun to read.

A good investigation follows the facts. You check facts and test them to see if they are really facts. The theory must explain the facts. It should also make some predictions that you can then go and check and test.

If the facts contradict the theory then you change the theory, not the facts (like the crackpots do and like the 9/11 Commission did). It is okay to have a working theory, or perhaps a few of them while you are looking into something. A working theory is good because it points to where you need to investigate more. What's important is to not fall in love with your theory so that you try to prove it despite where the facts lead. The theory should tell you the same story that the facts tell you.

This is interesting for my kids because science and their other subjects at school are kind of boring for them. It just doesn't seem to have anything to do with the real world. This has them motivated however and now they're looking into it. And they're trying to apply the Scientific Method which they've been explaining to me. It's good because I had forgotten some of that.

The truth is when I was a kid I used to cut up in school worse than they do, but back then you could there wasn't as much trouble to get into.